Augusta GreenJackets to celebrate Hispanic culture in upcoming season

(Featured photo is of the Augusta Wild Turkeys’ jersey and cap.)

NORTH AUGUSTA — The Augusta GreenJackets, the Single-A Affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, are excited to announce their new alternative identity in partnership with Minor League Baseball’s Copa de la Diversión. For three days in the 2023 season, the GreenJackets will be playing as Los Pavos Salvajes de Augusta – the “Augusta Wild Turkeys.”

“We are extremely excited for this transformation and for the opportunity to honor the Hispanic community in such a fun and unique way,” said Brandon Greene, GreenJackets General Manager, in a news release from the GreenJackets.

Launched in 2018, the Copa de la Diversión (or Fun Cup) program is a MiLB-wide initiative “designed to embrace the culture and values that resonate most with teams’ local U.S. Hispanic communities.” For Pavos Salvajes games, Augusta players will wear special gear including jerseys and hats with the alternative logo. Additionally, on Copa game days SRP Park will transform into a celebration of culture, with a grill cart takeover featuring local Latino vendors.

The Augusta GreenJackets will host three Copa de la Diversión nights this season: Sunday, April 30; Thursday, May 25; and Saturday, June 10.

Pavos Salvajes (PAH-vos sal-VA-hays) is a nod to the Wild Turkey, the South Carolina State Game Bird. Wild Turkeys have come from all over and spread across the country. Members of the Wild Turkey families have come from Mexico and Central America for more than 500 years before dispersing over the United States. The Wild Turkeys stand out with their blue heads and colorful feathers, helping bring the Pavos Salvajes de Augusta to life.

Single-game tickets for these games are on sale now at greenjacketsbaseball.com. To bring a group to SRP Park for a Pavos Saljaves de Augusta Game, please contact Yari Natal at YNatal@greenjacketsbaseball.com. Pavos Salvajes merchandise can be found on sale at the Hive Pro Shop at SRP Park, or online here: https://bit.ly/Pavos-Salvajes-AUG

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