The Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice will be in Augusta June 21-22.  Courtesy photo
The Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice will be in Augusta June 21-22. Courtesy photo

News You Can Use: Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice scheduled for Augusta June 21-22

The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, the Georgia Advocacy Office and various disability-related organizations in Georgia have joined the Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice to encourage civic engagement and raise awareness of current issues facing Georgia’s disability community, as a part of a national campaign.

The Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice kicked off its national campaign in March and
will continue through November 2024 to travel across the country in a red, white and blue flag-
wrapped caravan, stopping in cities and communities along the way, including Georgia cities, to
raise awareness about issues facing the nation’s disability community, according to a news release from the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities.

The Caravan stops in Augusta at 11 a.m. June 21 at Walton Options for Independent Living, 948 Walton Way. This is the last stop for the Caravan in the state of Georgia and the Caravan will remain in Augusta through June 22. Activities include a meet-and-greet among disability advocates, guest speakers, personal testimonies, voter registration, games and free food.

Along the 20,000-mile route, each stop, many of which are important to disability history, will
connect with local disability-related organizations in each state, at which the Caravan will
collaborate with local hosts to share a message that encourages civic engagement, raises awareness
of current issues facing the disability community, and will work to organize a national approach to
address these issues.

Other Georgia cities the Caravan toured Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Rome and Athens. The
Georgia tours began May 25. Each city planned special event activities around the Caravan visit.
Additionally, activities include sharing information regarding disability history in Georgia and
photo opportunities.

Additionally, one issue of national focus the Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice is
highlighting is the LaTonya Reeves Freedom Act, a bipartisan and bicameral civil rights legislation
that addresses the injustice of people who need Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) being forced into institutions. The legislation, previously known as the Disability Integration Act, builds
upon decades of disability advocacy and activism to end the institutional bias and provide seniors
and people with disabilities Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) as an alternative to

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