Role in upcoming production cathartic for actor

Preparing for her upcoming role in Aiken Community Theatre’s summer black box show is cathartic for one area actor.

“When you have a crappy day and go to rehearsal to spew out all of that. You feel empty when you’re done. It feels really good,” said Jamie Turner, who plays Veronica in the play God of Carnage.

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The drama is a slice-of-life piece about two couples who come together after one couple’s son hurts the other’s son at a playground. They attempt to discuss the situation in a civilized fashion, but as the evening progresses, tension flows as much as the alcohol served, tempers flare and things rapidly devolve.

Dustin Turner likes directing shows that focus on one moment in time but bring o deeper issues as the play unfolds.

Written by French playwright Yasmina Reza, God of Carnage won the 2009 Tony Award for best play. Known for her short satirical works, Reza also wrote Art, about three friends, one of whom paid an exorbitant amount for a painting of three white lines on a white canvas.

Reza uses wit to expose the humanity of the four characters on stage. Look closely enough and you’ll likely see someone you know or perhaps even yourself in one or all of the characters.

Actors rehearse for God of Carnage. Courtesy photo

Dustin Turner said the more the actors rehearse the more refined their performances become, and the more its humor rises to the surface.

“There’s a lot of humor, but it’s in the way the lines are delivered,” he said.

Turner said he has read reviews of other productions that were deemed not funny at all, and all he can say is that the actors’ interpretation didn’t bring out the humor contained within.

He said the four actors work well together on stage.

Jonathan Cook play Veronica’s husband, Michael, and Kayla Gardner and Andrew Jones play Annette and Alan.

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Jamie Turner and Cook have played a husband and wife before — in the 2011 Aiken production of Rabbit Hole. She said they work well together and is glad to be working with him again.

God of Carnage will be performed at the Bechtel Experimental Theatre at Aiken Community Theatre at 7:30 p.m. July 14-15, 20-22 and at 2 p.m. July 16. Click here for tickets.

Dustin Turner cautions patrons the play contains adult language and situations as well as simulated vomiting.

Season tickets are also available at the theater website. Aiken Community Theatre’s season begins Sept. 8 with Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

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