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Photojournalism: NOT’lanta Open pickleball tournament

The pickleball courts at Montclair are busy on most days of the week, but on the first weekend in May brought a record number of players to the courts.

“We had 235. Last year, we had 176,” according to Anne Rheins, who heads the event.

With no more court space, organizers added a Thursday night to accommodate players.

The fourth NOT’lanta Open was held May 4-7 at the Montclair pickleball courts. Charmain Z. Brackett/Augusta Good News

Pickleball is a rapidly-growing sport, Rheins said.

Enjoyed by all ages and ability levels, pickleball has now reached the professional arena with the likes of Tom Brady and LeBron James buying pickleball teams, Rheins said.

At Montclair, the competition can get heated, but not to that level.

Montclair’s pickleball memberships have peaked at 550 with a waiting list of 75 people, she said. The one thing that Rheins feels stands out at Montclair is the sense of community.

“People have great relationships,” she said.

The group also has volunteer hosts who help newcomers learn the game and facilitate play at the courts.

The NOT’lanta Open brings in all ages and all skill levels of pickleball players. Charmain Z. Brackett/Augusta Good News
The NOT’lanta Open was held at the Montclair courts May 4-7. Charmain Z. Brackett/Augusta Good News
PIckleball players from novice to expert took to the Montclair courts May 4-7 for the fourth annual NOT’lanta Open Montclair Championships. Charmain Z. Brackett/Augusta Good News
The NOT’lanta Open was held May 4-7 at the Montclair courts. Charmain Z. Brackett/Augusta Good News

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  1. Pickleball storm is coming. I need to jump in on this. Looks like a lot of fun.

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