In pictures: The last service of the Bridge Ministry of the CSRA Nov. 18

The Saturday before Thanksgiving saw the final chapter of a ministry to the area’s homeless that began 18 years ago.

“On Jan. 20, 2007, Pastor Roger Gardner and his wife Kimmi, along with a small group of volunteers, began serving hot meals and providing basic life supplies to the inner-city poor on Saturday afternoons under the Calhoun Expressway on 15th Street. This helped open the door to restore lives with love, hope, and dignity,” according to the ministry’s website.

Well-wishers came to say their farewells and honor the Gardners for their service. Gardner is retiring.

Roger and Kimmie Gardner. Fox Si-Long Chen/Augusta Good News
The crowd at the final service under the bridge. Fox Si-Long Chen/Augusta Good News
Former Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. stood with Roger and Kimmie Gardner and hugged them. Fox Si-Long Chen/Augusta Good News
Sandra Hawthorne presented flowers to Ashley Hall of the Bridge Ministry for her hard work. Fox Si-Long Chen/Augusta Good News
Roger and Kimmie Gardner stood with their son, Chris, and his wife and three sons. Fox Si-Long Chen/Augusta Good News

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