From the publisher: Welcome to Augusta Good News

Why Augusta Good News?

For 35 years, I’ve covered news in the Augusta area, writing for publications such as The Augusta Chronicle, Augusta Magazine, Columbia County Magazine and Fort Gordon’s The Signal newspaper. Most recently, I served as the managing editor of The Augusta Press.

Augusta is my hometown, and I’ve come to know Augusta and surrounding cities as an area rich with inspirational people who are doing great things. I’ve brought you those stories.

The mission of Augusta Good News is not only to focus on those people but to highlight the good things non-profits are doing, showcase the arts organizations bringing beauty into the city and feature the businesses run by local people – your neighbors. You’ll also find smatterings of sports, education and faith on our pages.

Augusta Good News is an independent, alternative voice in local media with no affiliation to any other news organizations.

So, look for good news at and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter here.

Charmain Z. Brackett is the publisher of Augusta Good News. Reach her at

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5 responses to “From the publisher: Welcome to Augusta Good News”

  1. Debbie Fryer says:

    It may sound corny, but my first thought. (After “it’s about time”) was…This is GOOD news! Looking forward to reading your stories and posts!!

  2. Sandy says:

    Looking great

  3. Tangila says:

    Love this!!! I am looking forward to see and reading about all the great things to come.

  4. Steve Walpert says:

    Excellent concept. Congratulations.

  5. You are always so good at everything you do, Charmain. Even bad news often has something good come out of it. Here’s wishing you lots of success with your new web site.