Harlem's bats were popping Friday as the Bulldogs scored 20 runs in their title series. Christopher Rickerson/Augusta Good News
Harlem's bats were popping Friday as the Bulldogs scored 20 runs in their title series. Christopher Rickerson/Augusta Good News

Harlem wins back-to-back baseball state titles, downing Calvary Day

ROME, Ga. – The Harlem Bulldogs baseball team has done it again, sweeping Calvary Day May 17 at AdventHealth Stadium to claim back-to-back Georgia High School Baseball State Championships.

“They have been handlers of adversity without Caiden (Collie) half the year and Will (Holder) with that lung infection, they never checked up,” said Harlem Coach Jimmie Lewis. “They just kept battling and to go 38-1, it is just a testament of there resiliency. This is the best two-year run in history. We are 73-2 for two years, there has never been another team like that.”

Harlem relied on its strong pitching for two games, giving up five runs in the first game and holding Calvary Day scoreless in the second. Christopher Rickerson/Augusta Good Newss

Harlem opened up the first game versus Calvary Day of Savannah, scoring nine runs through three innings. Pitcher Amerson Guy was dominant on the mound and at the plate, hitting a RBI double in the third inning.

The Cavaliers went on to score five runs in Game One, but it was not enough as Harlem won 13-5.

Will Holder started at first base after a multi-game absence and drove in two runs in Game One.

“Sitting there on the sideline and watching everyone have all the fun is the worst part, but i supported the team the best I could,” Holder said. “I got a couple at bats last round, but it felt good to get back on the field.”

The Bulldogs were able to get the board first once again in Game Two after a triple from Shane Wheeless. Holder also drove in another run to put Harlem ahead 3-0 in two innings.

Caiden Collie started on the mound in Game Two for the Bulldogs and began striking out four batters in two innings.

“We hit the ball better than I have ever seen,” Collie said. “With Will out, the next person is up. You got to play your game, and we have all have been working hard and playing together. It is just a blessing to be here and go back to back.”

Harlem won its second straight state title May 17. Christopher Rickerson/Augusta Good News

Collie left Calvary day scoreless in Game Two and the Bulldogs went on win 7-0 to secure another title.

Big plays were made in both games as Jeremiah Hamilton made a diving stop and throw as well as Holder diving in the stands to catch a fly ball.

“The effort has always been great,” Lewis said. “They got a lot of heart and effort and that is what we live off of. Good pitching, great defense and timely hitting. “

After the game during the press conference, Lewis also praised the fans and his seniors.

“It doesn’t matter where we go, the fans follow us and we always have a massive crowd,” Lewis said. “When you look in the stands and see all red and black, that means a lot.”

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