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Father-son duo believe it’s thyme for a food truck

(Featured photo is of Ken Monroe with the Food Thyme Food Truck. Courtesy photo)

A new food truck will hit the streets Jan.  1.

“It’s about making people happy. Our motto is ‘fresh food and happy mood.’ I enjoy seeing the faces of people enjoying good food and what we have to offer,” said Ken Monroe, who along with his father, Lemont Monroe, will operate the Food Thyme Food Truck.

The grand opening event is scheduled from noon to 5 p.m. Monday at DeKel mPact Services, 2060 Central Ave. Playing on the date, they will give $20 gift cards to the first 24 customers.

Monroe said the focus on New American cuisine with favorite such as sliders and wings as well as vegan options and a kid’s menu. He said specials will be added.

“We’re trying to cover everything when it comes to pleasing our customers and every palate. We have a great menu with different options,” he said.

Food Thyme Food Truck. Courtesy photo

Monroe said he grew up watching his father cook. His culinary skills were in high demand at holidays and special events.

“I was intrigued. I wanted to start doing what he was doing,” he said. “As I grew, I realized he was cultivating it in me.”

He liked his dad’s use of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. And they will be using fresh, locally sourced food, whenever possible, with their food truck dishes.

As an adult, Monroe has expanded with his own cooking skills, hosting events and offering to make food whenever possible.

Monroe said their ultimate goal is to open their own restaurant in the next three to five years.

Until then, they will be at the John H. Ruffin Jr. Courthouse, 735 James Brown Boulevard, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fridays and at other locations as they are scheduled.

Monroe said to keep up with the food truck schedule, follow them on Facebook or Instagram at food_thymefood.

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