Inspiring: Women of Augusta May/June/July
Inspiring: Women of Augusta May/June/July

Column: Summer looks good at ‘Inspiring: Women of Augusta’

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On Oct. 2, 2022, I woke up with a picture in my head.

A magazine to inspire women, but more than that, a magazine to inspire people of all ages who live in the Augusta area. I even had a name for it – Inspiring: Women of Augusta.

Crazy idea, crazy vision. How on earth could that ever happen? At the time I was working full-time for another company.

But the idea wouldn’t go away.

Inspiring: Women of Augusta May/June/July

I love underdog stories as well as stories of people who do great things – whatever their great thing might be. For each person, the great thing is different.

I saw a magazine encompassing generations and ethnicities and telling stories of local people doing their own great things to give others hope and encouragement.

In November 2023, it launched.

The current issue is the fourth, and I’m excited about this issue because it’s starting to take the shape that I’ve wanted.

I think I have almost all the generations covered from GenAlpha to Baby Boomer. I don’t have the Silent Generation in there.

It’s a beautiful mix of area women from 9 year-old Maela Groshong, who despite being born with only one leg, runs in 5Ks to downtown grocery store owner Alexia Gonzalez to Zanne Colton, who recently retired from a career in ballet. It’s also got recipes, a calendar, a home feature on April Henry King and gorgeous photography.

And it’s already hitting the streets. Check this link to find out where you can pick one up.

I have so many ideas for future issues.

Usually, it comes out every two months, but I really wanted a holiday issue in 2024. To accomplish that, May, June and July are in one summer issue with bi-monthly magazines resuming for August/September, so that the year will end with a December/January issue instead of a November/December one.

It’s available in about 50 locations in Augusta, Columbia County and Fort Eisenhower.

If you’d like to help expand its reach, consider advertising with Augusta Good News or Inspiring: Women of Augusta. Email us at Also, you can support us at

Charmain Z. Brackett, the publisher of Augusta Good News and Inspiring: Women of Augusta, has covered Augusta’s news for 35 years. Reach her at Sign up for the newsletter here.

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