cinderella day 2022

Cinderella Day makes teens feel like princesses

It’s a day fit for a princess.

Cinderella Day offers teen girls the opportunity to be pampered and made to feel beautiful and special right before prom season. This year’s event is scheduled for March 18 at the Augusta Dream Center, 3364 Peach Orchard Rd.

 “They get more than a dress,” said Alison Brace, the event coordinator. “It’s more of an experience. They get to feel empowered.”

More than 150 teenager girls received pampering during the 2022 Cinderella Day at the Dream Center. Photo courtesy Augusta Dream Center Facebook page

Not only do they get to pick out one of the many donated gowns, but they get to choose shoes and accessories as well as have their hair and make-up done. Once they’ve received the glamor makeover, it’s time for a walk down the purple carpet and get their photos taken.

The first Cinderella Day was in 2018, and the event has been held each year even during the pandemic.

“We did it right before everything shut down in 2020,” said Brace.

The event was held on a Saturday, and by Monday, everything was shutting down, she said.

“Most of the high schools opted not to have a prom that year,” she said.

That made the Cinderella Day experience even more special to the girls who didn’t have a prom to go to, she said.

The event typically draws between 150 and 200 teenagers, but this year, more than 220 have already pre-registered, Brace said on March 9. It takes about 150 volunteers on the day of the event.

Teenage girls not only receive a dress but shoes and accessories at Cinderella Day. Photo courtesy Augusta Dream Center Facebook page

The bulk of those attending are usually from schools in Richmond and Columbia counties; however, this year, teens from Swainsboro, Lincolnton and Aiken have indicated they plan to attend.

Brace said dress donations are still being accepted. Often, the bulk of the dresses are size 10 and below. She wants the program to help girls of all sizes, so dresses in larger sizes are welcomed. People can drop off dresses at the Dream Center March 13-17.

Also, there is no deadline for girls to register; however, Brace asks interested teens go to the website and fill out a form with their name, email address and school so Brace and her team of volunteers know how many people to expect.

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