Bullets and Bandaids provides unique art experience

A unique art exhibit which combines visual art and the written word heads to the Sacred Heart Cultural Center for two nights only.

Bullets and Bandaids Volume 4 “The Next Step” tour is a “continuance of our living anthology, this time with 115 participants, stories ranging from WW II to the civilian experience of having veterans in their lives, and a massive swath of different artforms, from oils and acrylics to sculptures and knives. We have participants from Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, and more,” according to the Bullets and Bandaids’ website.

The first art show was held in 2012, but it was born out of the experience of Marine Corps veteran Robert LeHeup.

“When I first left the Marine Corps infantry in 2004, having two combat tours under my belt, I experienced several common issues of returning veterans. Alcohol abuse, violence, and the sort of despair that can lead to an abrupt finality, the worst part being that I thought I was alone,” he wrote at the website.

A graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in writing for media arts, LeHeup sees the combination of writing and visual arts as a means to bring healing to veterans who still relive the traumas they faced on the battlefield.

Bullets and Bandaids’ mission is to “further a living anthology of veterans, writers, and artists to celebrate our common humanity through a traveling art project. But we are far more than that,” the website continues.”In the time since the first Bullets and Bandaids art show back in 2012, we have had the privilege of working with innumerable people to ensure the impact of each event. Veteran or civilian, we have used artists from many different media, as well as cultural and military backgrounds, in order to cover as many perspectives as possible. We recognize personal and cultural growth as an act of courage, and therefore leave room for every voice.”

Bullets and Bandaids Volume 4 “The Next Step” will be at Sacred Heart Cultural Center from 5 to 9 p.m. Feb. 22 and 23.  Tickets are $10 and are available here.

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