Dave "Muz" Mercer recently played at the Evans Mellow Mushroom. Photo by Francie Klopotic
Dave "Muz" Mercer recently played at the Evans Mellow Mushroom. Photo by Francie Klopotic

About Town With Francie – Dave Mercer 

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Mellow Mushroom in Evans. Photo by Francie Klopotic

On Thursday, February 16, Dean and I hopped in the car and headed out to the Mellow Mushroom location in Evans. Dave “Muz” Mercer was scheduled to perform. We caught him with fellow singer/guitarist Josh Pierce last year in Aiken as they took the stage in front of the Tailgate Tavern. Their duo, Guns for Hire, rocked the place, so we were excited to see what Muz would do solo.

Mercer arrived early and set up along the wall in the bar area. Dean and I were seated nearby and ordered our dinner. Mercer did a quick sound check then came over to our table for a visit. We’d yet to meet in person, so it was nice to finally say hello and catch up.

At 6 p.m., Muz picked up his guitar and began playing through his setlist. The first song was isn’t She Lovely, a childhood favorite of mine by the legendary Stevie Wonder. I enjoyed the personal spin he put into the song. Other songs he played included 3AM by Matchbox Twenty, No Excuses by Alice in Chains and a slowed-down grooving version of the instrumental Allman Brothers classic, Jessica.

Dave Mercer has a soulful voice. His masterful guitar work and unique take on the songs he plays make for a truly relaxing evening of live music. His diverse setlist has a little something for everyone. Mercer performs regularly at venues across the CSRA. Find him online here.

On Thursday evenings, the Mellow Mushroom in Evans hosts live music from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The restaurant is located at 4348 Washington Rd.

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