Tower of Aspiration in downtown Augusta. Photo by Leonard Porkchop Zimmerman
Tower of Aspiration in downtown Augusta. Photo by Leonard Porkchop Zimmerman

Augusta Gateway Sculpture proposals to be presented March 19

The finalists for Augusta’s Sandbar Ferry Gateway Sculpture present their models March 19, 2024.

Eric Randall Morris from ASD|SKY, Wesley Stewart from Metal Specialist of Augusta, Inc., Marc Moulton from Outdoor Art Sculpture and Gregory Johnson from Gregory Johnson Fine Art have been invited to submit their maquettes for consideration in crafting this iconic sculpture, according to a news release.

The finalists will be recognized during the Augusta Commission meeting, and a meet and greet along with artist presentations is scheduled for after the meeting in the Linda Beazley Room. The commission convenes at 2 p.m.

Their presentations mark a significant milestone in The SPLOST 7 Augusta Public Art Infusion Project’s mission to enhance the cultural landscape of Augusta through art. One of the key projects under this initiative is the development of the Gateway Sculpture at Sandbar Ferry Road, which will serve as a beacon of creativity and community pride, the release said.

“We are excited to see the artistic talent and creativity that our community has to offer,” said Denise Tucker, Greater Augusta Arts Council’s Public Art Manager. “These projects are not just about beautifying our city but also about fostering a sense of belonging and pride among our residents. We look forward to the continued collaboration and support from the community as we embark on this transformative journey.”

The meeting offers a unique opportunity for the community to engage with the artistic vision and contribute to the selection process. Voting on the sculptures will be from March 20 to April 3 at the municipal building and at

The evaluation, selection and procurement process for these sculptures will take place from April 4 to May 31, the release said.

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    This is such a cool story. Thank you, Charmain. This is needed in that area!