Carrie Brooks' proposed 3-foot by 10-foot mural. Courtesy photo
Carrie Brooks' proposed 3-foot by 10-foot mural. Courtesy photo

Thirty-six artists to participate in 5th Street Mural Festival April 20-27

The 5th Street Mural Festival is slated for next month featuring 36 area artists taking on a unique canvas.

On March 28, the Greater Augusta Arts Council announced the selected artists from a field of more than 200 submissions.

The festival will be from April 20-27 with a mural ribbon cutting at 11 a.m. April 27. Artists will paint their murals simultaneously, and the public is encouraged to visit the area and watch as they create, according to a news release.

“With no required theme, the artists have been given the freedom to unleash their creativity, resulting in a diverse array of designs. Among the standout selections is local artist, Destinee Love, who will install a 40-foot-long mural celebrating Women in the Military—a powerful tribute to the brave women who have served our country,” the release said.

The murals will span from 5th and Reynolds streets to the 5th Street Freedom Pedestrian Bridge. They will measure 3-feet tall and either 10-feet wide or 20-feet wide.

Selected artists include Art Abdon,  Gabi Anderson, Emily Bender, Colleen Beyer, Lauren Boykin, Carrie Brooks,  Alex Bugg, Theron Cartwright, Si-Long Chen, Donna Cote, Jason Craig, A.C. Daniel, Levi Dilley, Allison Dunavant, Cyndy Epps, Carrie Everitt, Brittany Fields, Jessica Gorman,  Tripp Gustin, Sara Harris, Tiffany Jackson, Sway Jones, Destinee Love, Isabel Massell, Brandon Moultrie, Dannie Niu,  Jon Paschal, Cole Phail, Rachel Polvadore, Aort Reed, William Sanders, Lindsey Spears, Wesley L. Stewart, Rhian Swain, Jacki Mayo Van Dyke,and Stacey Vincenzetti.

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