Take a walk amid the woods and water at CANDL Fine Art

(Featured photo is Autumnal II by Lillie Hardy Morris)

Artwork inspired by the nature surrounding Lillie Hardy Morris’s Appling home is the subject of the newest exhibition at CANDL Fine Art.

Amid the Woods & Waters highlights the breathtaking woodlands and waterways surrounding the artist’s family home, according to a news release from CANDL Fine Art.

Lillie Hardy Morris. Photo credit: Drake White

Morris delves into the essence of her immediate landscape and seeks to deepen her connection with nature through her art.

Included in the collection are six pieces sculpted from found objects accompanied by a book of Haiku poetry.

Morris has created a multi-level, heartfelt expression that explores the themes of staying connected to home and embracing the natural world.

An opening reception for the exhibition is scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. July 21 at the gallery, 1128 Broad St.

With a lifelong passion for art and nature, Morris has dedicated significant time to exploring her surroundings and capturing their sacred beauty. The writings of esteemed authors such as Wendell Berry, Drew Lanham, Karen Armstrong and Mary Oliver have greatly influenced her artistic approach and deepened her reverence for the natural world, the release said.

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Every day, prior to starting her studio work, Morris embarked on a solo walk in the woods, forming an integral part of her creative process. These intentional walks became the catalyst for new ideas, fostering a profound synthesis between her observations in nature, her emotional responses, and her artistic expression with paint, paper, and canvas.

In her latest series, Morris paints from memory, allowing the vivid imagery of her time amidst the woods and water to flow through her intuitive and evocative line work, complemented by a rich palette of emotive colors. Her hope is to inspire others to establish their own connection with the natural world, facilitating a restoration and reinforcement of their bond with nature.

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