Sylvan Glade offers live action role play at Pendleton King Park

If you want to be involved in an organization which basically brings D&D and the fantasy genre to life in a Renaissance fair atmosphere, then Augusta’s Sylvan Glade duchy of the Amtgard organization may be for you.

Sylvan Glade is a Live Action Role Play or LARP group of the Amtgard organization which usually meets at Pendleton King Park every other Sunday. It has about 20-30 participating members.

Amtgard, which Sylvan Glade is a duchy within, is a world-wide organization dedicated to medieval and fantasy combat sports and recreation which uses padded weapons in simulated combat, fantasy and authentic clothing.

GobboPoP attended a recent meeting. The character is a shape-shifter who was rejected by their parents and was taken in by the goblins, assuming their shape.

“Everything I have has been made by me or has been given to me,” said GobboPoP of the costume.

GobboPop is a member of Sylvan Glade. Ron Baxley Jr./Augusta Good News

Newcomers are welcome to come out to the meetings regardless of their costume or character.

“If they want to come out and watch, they can,” GobboPoP said. “Newcomers (eventually) can go out and fight after signing waivers.”

The weapons the participants use are all plush, and there are guidelines for their construction and safety. Weapons are inspected before every combat situation, and newbies have to be taught how to construct their weapons.

James Varner, whose alter ego is Neo Dragonsbane, deemed a splintering bow unfit at a recent meeting and its string was removed. The weapon was placed off to the side and was unused in combat. Arrows with plush tips are used with bows, and padded swords are also used. A certain diameter of padding has to be used for safety.

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Neo said he has been involved in Amtgard for about six years. He focuses a lot on the combat side.

“We have guidelines. We have somebody who qualifies each weapon when it comes out,” he said.  

GobboPoP said those younger than 18 will need to have a parent or guardian to participate in Sylvan Glade.

Crafts are sometimes created within the group as was the activity on Mother’s Day. Members also have sessions where they work on weapons and even compose songs.

The Sylvan Glade duchy will soon meet in a place which denotes treasure near a body of water versus their usual location which denotes royalty.

For their next meeting, Sylvan Glade members will be at Diamond Lakes Park on Sunday, May 28. Usually, they meet at Pendleton King Park every other Sunday.

Karrie “Belle” Collins of the group said the Park Mid-reign Event is scheduled for Sunday, July 9.

She said they are planning some activities, including a 50/50 raffle which will be open to the public.

For more information on Sylvan Glade, visit the Facebook page.  

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