Roundtable event will focus on the area’s music and nightlife scene

A roundtable discussion will highlight Augusta’s music and nightlife industry Feb. 27 at the Columbia County Performing Art Center in Evans.

It will focus on Augusta as a Music City destination and “unveil the first phase of a new grassroots research study that will assess the resources and census of the greater Augusta music industry,” according to a news release from Sample Augusta, event sponsor.

Moderated by Walter Santiago and Rachel Goodman “a panel of industry leaders is set to discuss the ecosystem, economic impact and industry developments from the local to state level,” the release said.

Guest speakers will include Mala Sharma of Georgia Music Partners, Jay Markwalter of the Georgia Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau, Joe Stevenson of GlueStick Music/Augusta Music Partners, and Josh Small of The Columbia County Performing Arts Center. The roundtable discussion will be live-streamed in addition by GetUp Productions.

“Augusta has a hugely diverse music scene,” said  Santiago, media and project manager of Sample Augusta.

This isn’t the first event Sample Augusta has hosted.

 “We’ve done three before,” Santiago said.

Scenes from a previous roundtable discussion. Photo courtesy Walter Santiago

 Other roundtables have focused on nightlife, creators and makers and Augusta’s arts scene. Through those other events, Santiago said Sample Augusta has found its niche and wants to help local musicians and others in the music and nightlife industry.

He said he hopes musicians will attend the event and let their voices be heard. Also, if they have questions related to the business of music, people on the panel may have answers.

 “We hope to spark a conversation,” Santiago said.

Previous roundtables have resulted in conversations with business and community leaders.  The takeaways from those events are posted at Sample Augusta.         

The event will be from 5 to 7 p.m. and is free to the public.

Charmain Z. Brackett is the publisher of Augusta Good News. Reach her at charmain@augustagoodnews.com. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

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