Enthusiastic players took to the new Miracle League Field on April 27. Charmain Z. Brackett/Augusta Good News
Enthusiastic players took to the new Miracle League Field on April 27. Charmain Z. Brackett/Augusta Good News

RECing Crew founder gets birthday ‘miracle’

NORTH AUGUSTA — Although her birthday was a few days before, Pam Stickler celebrated a special gift on April 27.

“This is a great present,” said The RECing Crew founder as she stood on the edge of North Augusta’s Miracle League Field at Riverview Park and watched program participants play an adaptive version of baseball. “It feels a lot like Christmas.”

Stickler has been advocating for the special surface field for almost three years, taking it before the North Augusta City Council in 2021 before diving into a fundraising campaign.

That appearance before the city council was one of the scariest things she said she’s ever had to do but seeing the adults with disabilities playing on the field made overcoming that nervousness worth it.

The Miracle League Field in North Augusta was filled April 27 with excited members and volunteers with The RECing Crew. Charmain Z. Brackett/Augusta Good News

In the spring, the TRecS play adaptive baseball on Saturdays at different locations such as Riverview Park and area schools. Last week, Stickler said the players looked longingly at the field that was under construction, hoping for the chance to play on it before the fall. A groundbreaking ceremony had been held in February.

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April 27 was their last event for spring baseball, and their wish came true.

Paul Mann was happy to play on the new field.

“God, He provided it all,” he said. “I like it. It’s nice.”

Wesley Minor, another RECing Crew member, smiled broadly and said he was having fun on the field. He too said he liked the new field.

While the field itself is finished, the site is not complete. Dugouts need to be installed, and an additional $500,000 needs to be raised for a pavilion and scoreboard.

The Miracle League Field is a partnership with the city which provided the land for the field itself and will be responsible for maintaining it. The RECing Crew has raised the money.

While the RECing Crew will play on it and members feel like it’s their field, the field is open to other groups with similar missions. They simply have to schedule a time with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Stickler said the Paralyzed Veterans of America have expressed interest in using it for a tournament and other groups have called as well.

A softball tournament will be held in May to raise additional funds.

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