CHOG Quilt Ceremony-06

Quilt raffle raises money for Camp Rainbow

(Story and photo courtesy Lisa Kaylor, Augusta University. Featured photo is of Nugget, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia’s facility dog, selecting the winner of the quilt raffle)

A beige quilt with interlocking red rings and a border of flowers on a vine served as the backdrop
for a drawing in the Children’s Hospital of Georgia lobby June 29.

Members of the Pieceful Hearts Quilt Guild spent much of the year making the quilt. About 50
of the guild’s 150 members contributed to the quilt in some way. It is a project the guild has
undertaken every year for 20 years in support of Camp Rainbow.

Made by members of the Pieceful Hearts Quilt Guild, this quilt helped raise money for Camp Rainbow. Courtesy photo

With the help of Child Life manager Kym Allen, Nugget, the children’s hospital facility dog, reached her
nose in a wallpapered box and drew a name on a yellow square: Sunnie Plurray.

Every dollar raised by the raffle is donated to Camp Rainbow, which is a camp for children with cancer and their siblings.

“I rely on donors, and this group has donated lots and lots of money over the years for kids to
have a fun camp experience that lets them forget about their cancer for a week and just have
fun,” Allen said. “I’m forever grateful for all of my donors who give me money and let me run a
camp for sick kids.”

Raffle tickets were $1 or six for $5. Last year, the raffle raised more than $3,000 for Camp
Rainbow.  This year’s totals hadn’t been finalized by the time this article was published.

 This year was the first time the drawing was held in the lobby of Children’s Hospital.

“We thought it would be nice to have the people from Camp Rainbow to be able to pick the
winning ticket this year,” said Janie Sims, chair of the Camp Rainbow Quilt Committee.
Pieceful Hearts Quilters Guild began in 1988 and has grown from about 25 members to more
than 150 across the Augusta-Aiken area.

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