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More Stuckey’s pecan logs to roll out of Wrens

(Featured photo is of Stephanie Stuckey at the Wrens plant. Courtesy photo)

Nearly $2 million will be invested into the Stuckey’s Wrens facility provide more jobs and allow for the production of more of its famous pecan log rolls.

The Community Business Investment Fund (CBIF) recently announced its investment in Stuckey’s Corporation April 18, according to a news release. The investment aims to provide jobs and economic growth in this low-income community which is facing a 21% unemployment rate.

This investment is expected to support nearly 150 jobs in the area, generating much-needed employment opportunities to Wrens residents. The investment will also provide training and development programs in partnership with Jefferson County High School, Augusta Technical College, Oconee Fall Line Technical College and the Georgia Quick Start Program, the release continued.

“We’ll be purchasing new candy making and pecan processing equipment with the money, as well as supporting inventory and working capital needs. I’m most excited about our Snack Fix machine by Buhler that will be arriving at our plant soon. It has been uniquely retrofitted to make our famous pecan log rolls – and will scale our log roll production 20 times!” wrote Stephanie Stuckey, the company’s CEO, in an April 24 Facebook post.

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Stuckey said in the post that $1.9 million would be heading to the Wrens plant.

CBIF is a Community Development Entity, committed to supporting economic development in disadvantaged communities, particularly in communities of color. It recognizes the potential of the snack food manufacturing industry to provide sustainable jobs and growth opportunities in Wrens, the CBIF news release said.

“We are thrilled to be making this investment in Wrens, Georgia, and we believe that it will have a positive impact on the local community,” said Jason Penn, Executive Director of the Community Development Entity. “We are committed to creating jobs and economic growth in underserved areas, and we believe that the Stuckey’s investment has the potential to do just that.”

“The Stuckey’s team is proud to call Jefferson County home. We appreciate Community Business Investment Fund and U.S. Bank recognizing and supporting our focus on growing opportunity in this wonderful community as well as growing jobs and revenue for our company,” Stuckey said in the news release.

The snack food manufacturing industry is a growing sector that provides a range of opportunities for people of all backgrounds and skill levels. The industry is particularly well-suited to low-income communities, as it provides quality and accessible employment. Stuckey’s offers its employees a full range of benefits including insurance, retirement and annually invests approximately $500 per employee for training.

“Jefferson County is extremely excited to have Stuckey’s remain in Wrens for their expansion and continued operations, especially for the existing employees and future employees,” said Greg Sellars, Executive Director of the Development Authority of Jefferson County. “Our community is delighted to be part of the revitalization, restoration and future of Stuckey’s.”

This investment is a positive step forward for the Wrens community, and it is hoped that it will serve as a catalyst for further economic development in the area.

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