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Inaugural MusicCon held at Augusta University

The sounds of music filled the air on Augusta University’s Summerville Campus as the Department of Music hosted the first ever MusicCon on Oct. 20.

Students, faculty and the Augusta community gathered outside the Grover C. Maxwell Theatre to recognize and celebrate the study of music. Musical groups, choirs and opera performances were on full display.

Augusta University’s first MusicCon was Oct. 20. Rakiyah Lenon/Augusta Good News

“The whole idea is just to expose our community as well as the university community to what we do here in the music department,” said Angela Morgan, chair of the Department of Music.

Marcel Ramalho, director of choral activities and professor of voice in the Department of Music helped to organize the event. He said the event helps to shine a light on all programs within the music department and create a welcoming environment for locals to be involved.

“We think of this event as an open house day for the music department,” he said.

Ramalho said MusicCon is something they hope to continue having in the future.

“We’re hoping to have it ideally every fall around this time. Hopefully next time,…Mother Nature will be nicer to us,” he said, speaking of Friday’s rainy weather. “The idea is to have it every year and get more AU students to come join us, get more high school students and get more people from the community.”

Community members welcome and encouraged to participate in many of AU’s activities in the Department of Music, including choir.

“There’s also the community building, the friendship,” he said. “The strengthening of human relationships, that’s what choral music is really about. It’s the greatest and best social experiment.”

He added, “Being in choir teaches us we can get together for a common goal.”

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