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Grovetown woman makes appearance on QVC

The bold prediction came as a surprise.

Grovetown’s Laura Kaminer had been working as a spokesmodel for Shapermint, creating ads and content for social media when her mother learned that the brand signed onto QVC last spring.

“She said ‘next, they’re going to ask you to do QVC,” said Kaminer, who did her first QVC in-studio spot May 3. “I thought ‘yeah, right.’ It wasn’t even on my radar.”

Laura Kaminer appeared on Girls Night-In with Courtney and Jane on QVC May 3

Shapermint, which makes women’s shapewear and undergarments, started selling merchandise on the television shopping channel in March 2022. Not long after her mother’s prognostication, Kaminer got a call from the brand asking her to film some Mother’s Day spots.

The requests were for specific types of content, and now that she looks back, she’s sure they were testing her.

 Over the Memorial Day holiday, she went out of town with her family and when she got back, there was an email asking her if she’d be interested in representing the brand with QVC.

“The first person I told was my mom,” she said.

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And she’s been in preparation for the time for almost a year.

During the summer of 2022, Kaminer went through training with QVC and was certified in August. QVC didn’t sell Shapermint during the fourth quarter of 2022 waiting for the new lines to launch in early 2023 to resume sales.

Kaminer has mainly served in a back-up role.

There are three different QVC channels. QVC is the main one with QVC2 and QVC3 as well. Initially, Kaminer was initially set as the spokesperson for QVC2 and QVC3, where she’d interact with the QVC hosts through Skype.

Not only did she had a couple of Skype appearances on the other two QVC channels in April, but she went to the QVC studios outside Philadelphia, where she appeared live on May 3. The process has been exciting, but she’s still learning the ropes on some aspects, she added.

Laura Kaminer (at left) appeared on QVC May 3 to promote Shapermint.

While fun, she admits it has been a little overwhelming too.

Kaminer doesn’t have a background in television. Besides a few quick minutes of instruction before the cameras turned on her, she wasn’t completely sure what to expect.

“When you get trained at QVC, it’s about the business itself, and talking points, but they don’t give you any training on the whole camera aspect,” she said.

While she may not know how to work the camera, Kaminer does know her product even the new lines, having spent most of the last six months working with the company training on products with the brand manager and one of the product designers.

 She’s sure to return to QVC, but she doesn’t have a timetable.

 “It’s up to QVC. The brands have nothing to do with when they are scheduled,” she said.

 She gets about two days advance notice on the Skype parts, and she received about five days’ notice on the in-studio event, she said.

And now she’s becoming a QVC fan.

“QVC wasn’t even on my radar,” she said “Now, I’ve got family watching QVC, and I can’t wait to meet some of the people who are on there.”

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