GAP Ministries adds laundry room to its services

Providing the proverbial “hand up” to those in need is the mission of GAP Ministries and on Dec. 4, the organization added one more service for the homeless — a laundry room.

“You can talk about job training and access to a better way of life, but if you don’t have clean clothes, it may not be possible,” said Richmond County Commissioner Jordan Johnson, at the ribbon cutting Monday for the room at GAP Ministries.

Now, families can wash clothes in the space which is open three days a week.

Nomi Stanton (far left) and members of the GAP Ministries board stand in the laundry room on Dec. 4. Charmain Z. Brackett/Augusta Good News

It’s outfitted with industrial-sized washers and dryers and is a clean space with a waiting area that gives people an added sense of dignity.

“I like to say that doctors are into medicine, lawyers are into law; here at GAP Ministries, we’re into compassion, dignity and humanity,” said Nomi Stanton, executive director of GAP Ministries.

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A laundry facility makes sense and fits into the other programs it offers, according to Stanton. GAP provides food, diapers and basic health screenings. It helps people get proper government IDs.  And it partners with other organizations such as Project Refresh which provides a mobile shower unit.

“Clean clothes are just the next necessary step in helping to restore all the things we take for granted,” she said.

Stanton said the renovated space was due in large part to a donation from Trinity on the Hill Global Methodist Church. KAMO Manufacturing will provide a year’s worth of cleaning supplies for the program.

Johnson said Monday’s ribbon cutting event was a “great occasion” and would help people “feel more confidence in themselves.”

He thanked GAP Ministries for what it does to help those in need in the community and encouraged them to keep doing what they are doing.

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