JM Correa. Photo courtesy Club Car
JM Correa. Photo courtesy Club Car

Club Car and Garia accelerate into exclusive new Formula 2 partnership with Juan Manuel “JM” Correa

Club Car® announced a new partnership with Formula 2 driver, Juan Manuel “JM” Correa on April 26.

In a move that merges the worlds of luxury and speed, the partnership will also feature Garia, a brand that amplifies commitment to innovation, precision and excellence that is synonymous with Formula 2 racing, according to a news release from Club Car.

“I am ecstatic to have Club Car join our team and feature the luxury Garia brand. This partnership represents the intersection of precision engineering, reliability, luxury, and sophistication,” said Correa. “Motorsport fans constantly raise the bar for performance and prestige. They will love Garia cars.”

Through this collaboration, Club Car and Garia will use the atmosphere of Formula 2 to engage with a diverse and enthusiastic audience, sharing the unique and refined ride Garia delivers with fans around the world.

Club Car plans to showcase its sustainable vehicle offerings and cutting-edge technology at a series of electrifying races and unforgettable experiences that capture the energy of the partnership both on and off the track.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Juan Manuel Correa,” said Mark Rickell, Vice President of Sales for Club Car. “The excitement behind Formula 2 racing and his commitment to excel presents an incredible opportunity for us to share the passion for innovation and luxury that have made us an industry leader on a global stage.”

The partnership between Club Car, Garia, and Juan Manuel Correa is sure to set the foundation for luxury and performance while pushing the limits of speed, style, and sophistication.

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