Bradley Watts (left) and Wyatt Berube rehearse a scene from Christmas Belles. Courtesy photo
Bradley Watts (left) and Wyatt Berube rehearse a scene from Christmas Belles. Courtesy photo

‘Christmas Belles’ ring humor into holidays

It’s not your typical Christmas play, and that’s what Bradley Watts likes most about Christmas Belles.

“It’s not a happy, sappy kind of show,” said Watts, who is co-directing the comedy as well as playing the character of Dub.

Edgefield’s Main Street Players will perform Christmas Belles for two weekends beginning Dec. 2.

Dub is married to Frankie, who is past due with her second set of twins. Frankie tries to be the stabilizing force between her two sisters, Twink, who is temporarily out of jail for inadvertently burning down half town, and Honey Rae, who is trying to organize the church’s Christmas play amid sickness and other catastrophes.

Chaos ensues especially when a longtime family secret is revealed, but in the end, there’s also a heartwarming message of joy and family — just not in the traditional way, said Watts.

This is the third time Watts has had a hand in a Christmas Belles’ production. He directed it several years ago at the Aiken Community Theatre and then performed in it in Edgefield. He played the role of Dub in Edgefield, and the show was directed by Tony Baughman. During that first Edgefield performance, Baughman and Watts traded places as Baughman had played Dub when Watts directed the play in Aiken.

Dustin and Jamie Turner both appeared in the Aiken show more than 10 years ago and reprise their roles as John Curtis and Frankie Dubberly. Joining them on the stage is their daughter Abigail who plays G.J. — Frankie and Dub’s daughter. Dustin is co-directing the show with Watts.

“This is the first show I get to be onstage with my wife and daughter, which is an amazing experience,” he said.

Earlier this year, Jamie and Abigail were cast in a production of Steel Magnolias.

Dustin Turner said Christmas Belles is a lot of fun and thinks audiences will enjoy it.

“We promise you’ll laugh – a lot,” he said. “And you’ll leave with a lot of Christmas spirit.”

Show times are 7:30 p.m. Dec. 2-3, 9-10, 6 p.m. Dec. 4 (after the Christmas parade) and 3 p.m. Dec. 11 at the William Miller Bouknight Theatre, 405 Main St., Edgefield. Call (803) 637-2233 for tickets.

On opening night, there will be a reception with Creative Catering by Doug Landreth serving will cheddar biscuits with ham and cranberries; maple chicken salad in phyllo cups; sweet potato, pear and goat cheese turnovers; eggnog dip with apples; carrot cake dip with vanilla wafers; hot chocolate and wassail.

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