Marie Duffie stands in her bus she decorated for Valentine's Day. Courtesy photo
Marie Duffie stands in her bus she decorated for Valentine's Day. Courtesy photo

Bus drivers make rides festive for students

Kristopher Wells, McDuffie County School District

THOMSON — As McDuffie County students made their way home for the Christmas break, some were able to do so in the holiday spirit thanks to the efforts of a few district transportation employees, Marie Duffie, Jeanie Wells, and Linda Caines.

Duffie decorates the buses that she and Wells (Duffie’s mother) drive for each upcoming holiday. She said because some students might not have decorations at home, she wants to make sure their ride to and from school is festive.

Jeanie Wells in the bus decorated for Christmas. Courtesy photo

“Our kids are our heart,” she said about going the extra mile for the students on her bus. “And we could all use a little bit of positivity.”

Both buses were decorated for Halloween and Thanksgiving before the Christmas season brought stockings, Santa and his elves. Now they are adorned with red streamers and pink hearts in preparation for Valentine’s Day next month.

“It’s a lot,” said Thomson-McDuffie Middle School student Keyon Stevenson. “The outside and inside is decorated, and they play music.”

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The children don’t just notice the effort of their drivers, they appreciate it too.

“It means a lot to me,” said Thomson High School student Markayla Boyd. “It makes me feel happy when the bus is decorated. I like the lights at Christmas time.”

From left, Linda Caines, Jeanie Wells and Marie Duffie, stand in front of decorated buses. Courtesy photo .

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