The 2023 Freshman Convocation photographed at Christenberry Fieldhouse in Augusta, Ga., Friday afternoon August 25, 2023.  

Photo by Michael Holahan
8/25/23 5:13:45 PM
The 2023 Freshman Convocation photographed at Christenberry Fieldhouse in Augusta, Ga., Friday afternoon August 25, 2023. Photo by Michael Holahan 8/25/23 5:13:45 PM

Augusta University surpasses 10,000-student mark with largest-ever freshman class

(Story courtesy Augusta University. Featured photo from the 2023 Freshman Convocation at Christenberry Fieldhouse in Augusta, Ga., Friday afternoon Aug. 25, 2023. Michael Holahan/Augusta University)

Augusta University has officially eclipsed the 10,000-student mark as it continues to grow faster than other universities in Georgia. The university officially now has 10,546 students enrolled, marking a 7.5% increase over last fall’s 9,813 enrollment total and a 26.6% increase since 2015.

Augusta University leaders, faculty, staff and students will celebrate the milestone with a celebration from noon to 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 16 at the Douglas Barnard Amphitheater on the Summerville Campus, according to a news release from Augusta University.

“This is a remarkable accomplishment for our university,” said Brooks A. Keel, president of Augusta University, in the release.. “As Georgia’s designated health sciences and medical research university, home of the Georgia Cyber Center and a national leader in student success, we strive every day to provide our students with an innovative and inclusive learning environment to prepare them for the workforce, and our continued enrollment growth reflects that commitment.”

“Augusta University is a place to not only receive a quality education, but also to build a fulfilling career and make a positive impact on the lives of others, and that is shown in the continued growth of our student body, the addition of quality academic programs and the number of successful graduates those programs produce,” Keel said.

AU’s 7.5% growth marked the highest single-year growth percentage of the research universities in the system from fall 2022 to fall 2023.

Graduate and professional student enrollment accounted for a significant portion of the university’s enrollment growth, increasing 9.5% overall and 20.5% in first-time students over fall 2022.

The School of Computer and Cyber Sciences (SCCS) saw an increase of 49% in graduate and professional student enrollment, including notable increases in the PhD in Computer and Cyber Sciences and Master of Science in Information Security Management programs. The College of Education and Human Development (COEHD) saw a 39% increase in graduate and professional students, including in the Education Specialist in Advanced Educational StudiesMaster of Arts in Teaching and Master of Education in Instruction programs.

Augusta University Online also launched this fall, with 166 students enrolled in three graduate-level programs: the Master of Science in Information Security ManagementMaster of Education in Instruction and Master of Public Health.

Alongside the increase in graduate numbers, this fall’s class of 1,162 freshmen – the largest freshman class in the university’s history – was up 17.2%, and out-of-area students make up 58% of the freshman class.

Overall, undergraduate enrollment is up 5.8% from a year ago. SCCS saw an 11% increase, including growth in the Bachelor of Science programs in CybersecurityComputer Science and Biomedical Systems Engineering. COEHD saw a 7.6% increase in undergraduate enrollment, with the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management seeing the most growth. The College of Science and Mathematics saw a 7% increase, including the Bachelor of Science programs in Cell and Molecular BiologyBiology and Neuroscience.

“On top of another year of strong growth in enrollment, Augusta University continues to see strong growth in the number of graduates we produce in areas that are most in demand across our state and region,” said Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Neil J. MacKinnon. “Augusta University graduates excel in the workforce in all areas, including computer and cyber sciences, health care, education and more, and we are committed to guiding students to success across all of our 155 programs.”

University System of Georgia (USG) enrollment this fall climbed to a record high of 344,392 students, reversing two years of enrollment declines with a 3% annual gain. Enrollment increased at 23 of USG’s 26 public colleges and universities, according to USG’s Fall 2023 Semester Enrollment Report. The number of students at USG institutions across Georgia rose by 9,993 over last fall.

Enrollment grew by 2% at research universities and 3.6% at comprehensive institutions, while state universities increased enrollment by 3.2% and state colleges saw an increase of 5%, according to USG’s Fall 2023 Semester Enrollment Report.

Both undergraduate and graduate enrollment were up for fall 2023. Undergrad enrollment grew by 5,657 students (2.2%) from 2022. Within that, dual enrollment is up by 3,001 students (24.7%) and beginning freshman enrollment, which had declined the last two years, increased by 2,402 students (4.6%). Graduate/professional enrollment increased by 4,293 students (6.3%), with the largest growth at the master’s level (2,694/5.6%).

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