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Augusta Tech adds program to transition licensed practical nurses to registered nurses

Augusta Technical College introduces a new pathway to help Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) bridge to become Registered Nurses (RN) — the LPN to RN Transition Program.

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This Associate Degree Program Pathway will offer current active LPNs the ability to complete their Registered Nursing Degree in just one year. The LPN to RN Transition program will begin in January 2024 for students who have completed the prerequisites necessary and also have a total of 2,000 hours of work experience as an LPN.

“This is an exciting addition to the nursing programs at Augusta Technical College as well as the community,” said Dr. Ebony Story, Department Head, ADN and PN. “As a past graduate of the LPN program here at Augusta Technical College, I can tell you first-hand that I wish I did not have to drive an hour away from home to attend a college to transition to an RN. Having this program here will alleviate travel and out-of-state tuition cost for any students looking to transition.”

To learn more about Augusta Tech’s programs, go here.

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