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Augusta National, The Patch, Augusta Tech and First Tee of Augusta partner on community golf initiative

(Courtesy Augusta Technical College. Photo of the Augusta Municipal Golf Course from its website)

Fred Ridley, the chairman of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament, announced April 5 the Augusta National’s intention to support a multiphase partnership with Augusta Municipal Golf Course, also known as “The Patch,” Augusta Technical College and The First Tee of Augusta to strengthen public golf in the community and foster even greater opportunities to play the game and work in the sport. 

The initiative will link Augusta Tech’s golf course management and workforce programs at The Patch with The First Tee’s mission to teach the game and its values to juniors and community members of all backgrounds, according to a news release from Augusta Technical College.

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Their alignment will create the first partnership between these neighboring facilities, expand available pathways to welcome those interested in the sport and provide a best-in-class, affordable public golf experience for the Augusta community. Augusta National will assist in the planning and execution of this vision to complement their efforts, identify efficiencies and support the partnership’s success.

“This initiative offers a unique opportunity to contribute to two areas of utmost importance to Augusta National’s mission, our community and golf development,” said Ridley. “While in its early stages, this partnership can help produce the next generation of golf’s workforce and make the game more accessible and inviting to youth and residents throughout the community. I commend Augusta Technical College, The Patch, The First Tee of Augusta and all leaders involved in this project, and we look forward to supporting their partnership and this exciting new chapter for public golf here in our city.”

The partnership builds on Augusta Tech’s current efforts with the City of Augusta to assume operation of The Patch by 2025. With this transition, Augusta Tech will relocate its golf course management program to The Patch, instilling formal educational programs in a living classroom environment and providing a sustainable public golf facility for the enjoyment of the community. Its partnership with The First Tee will enhance these educational resources and increase access to meaningful programs for students and anyone who wants to learn or work in the game.

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The announcement was made during Chairman Ridley’s annual press conference at the 2023 Masters Tournament, where representatives of The Patch, Augusta Tech, The First Tee, the City of Augusta and the State of Georgia were in attendance to mark the announcement. Future updates on the partnership and Augusta National’s support will be shared as more information is available.

“Augusta Technical College is proud to partner with Augusta National Golf Club and First Tee of Augusta to enhance the public golf experience in Augusta,” stated College President Dr. Jermaine Whirl. “Through this partnership we’re excited to establish the nation’s first corridor of golf education that will further cement the city of Augusta as a global mecca for golf.”

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