ArtScape: Art exhibitions flourish in February

What do Hulk Hogan, Amy Grant and Laurence Fishburne have in common?

A painting of Jessye Norman. Photo courtesy Francie Klopotic

All three were born in Augusta, and all three are hanging on the walls of Augusta & Co. Captured on canvas by artist Francie Klopotic, the Voices of Augusta series features national and internationally known celebrities as well as some who may be more famous to other Augustans such as Coco Rubio and Paul “DJ Codec” Marsh, who died in October.

“I had the idea about two years ago,” said Klopotic, who in addition to being an artist is a columnist with Augusta Good News.

The first famous Augustan she painted was James Brown, but that painting sold long before the concept of an exhibition came to fruition. She created another which was hung earlier in January along with the others in the show, which will run through March.

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Klopotic said she’s excited that her pieces are being shown at Augusta & Co. because that’s a perfect venue for her theme.

Immaculate by Devin Lovett will be at the Westobou Gallery. Photo courtesy the Westobou Gallery

A reception will be from 4 to 6 p.m. Friday at Augusta & Co. at 1010 Broad St.

Klopotic said she’s received a lot of positive feedback from people who’ve viewed the exhibition and more than 200 people have expressed an interest on Facebook in coming to Friday’s event, which will also feature the music of Bill Karp Jazz.

For those heading to Broad Street on Friday, there are two additional art receptions.

At 5 p.m. at the Westobou Gallery, Devin Lovett, the 2022 Westobou artist-in-residence, will host an artist talk followed by an opening reception for his exhibition Immaculate.

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DJ Coco will spin from “his curated record crate inspired by the works on display,” according to the Westobou Facebook page. Also, Westobou’s MICRO Gallery hosts an exhibition of works by participants of Lovett’s workshop series.

The Westobou Gallery is located at 1129 Broad St.

John Stoney Cannon’s art will be on display at the Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta. Photo courtesy John Stoney Cannon.

After attending those two events, hop over to the 600 Broad Gallery for the works of Michael Meissner, Jack Roy and Dan Dyches.

The reception will be from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday at the gallery.

Another art exhibition isn’t on the Broad Street corridor, but it’s just over the Savannah at the Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta, 100 Georgia Ave.

John Stoney Cannon will be the North Augusta Arts Guild Artist of the Month and about 10 of his works will be on display through the end of February.

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