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‘American Son’ confronts issues of race and bias

American Son will be performed at Le Chat Noir Feb. 16-18. Photo courtesy Le Chat Noir.

Ripped from the headlines, Christopher Demos-Brown’s 2019 play American Son focuses on an estranged bi-racial couple who must confront their feelings about race and bias after their son is detained by the police following a traffic stop incident.

American Son opened Feb. 10 at Le Chat Noir and has a three shows left Feb. 16-18 at 8 p.m.

“Sometimes despite your best efforts, you are part of the problem; and it’s impossible to see from your point of view; so come see it from someone else’s,” said Antonio Scales, who plays Lt. Stokes and is the play’s co-director. “Le Chat Noir shines a spotlight on a societal failing with American Son.

The cast also includes Raheema Johnson, Jason Latimer and Tom Colechin.

Limited tickets remain and are $30 For more information, visit

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